Topics of Interest:

  • Music, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
  • Music and Mathematics
  • Digital Audio Synthesis and Processing
  • History, Aesthetics and Analysis of Electroacoustic Music.
  • Electroacoustic Composition Techniques
  • Technological developments (software or hardware) applied to Composition, Research, Analysis and Music Education.
  • Acoustic and physical models.
  • Psychoacoustics and music psychology.
  • Reports of Computer Music Centers.
  • Submission Requirements:

    Papers should be submitted in PDF format.

    The first submission should have no information about the author or authors to facilitate a 'blind' review process by the refereeing committee. If the paper is accepted, a second submission should include the information about the authors. Submitted papers may be short (up to 4 pages) or long (up to 8 pages).

    Paper Submission:

    Submit Work:

    Fill the following Form:

    NOTE: The paper required for categories 3, 5 and 6 should be sent as PDF file. We highly recommend to use the template below to format your paper.

    Download templates here.

    Important Dates:

    April 1, 2019: site opens for submissions

    August 5, 2019: 1st. submission deadline

    August 20, 2019: Notification of acceptance

    August 31, 2019: Deadline for 2nd. (camera ready) reception